Tips & Tricks

BlackBerry Shortcuts

Quick Period | Instead of typing ALT-M, simply press the Space Bar twice.

Quick @ | Instead of typing ALT-P, simply press the Space Bar in the TO column.

Top of Messages | Press T to go to the top of your message screen

Bottom of Messages | Press B to go to the bottom of your message screen

Next Day of Messages | Press N to go to the next day of messages (Monday to Tuesday)

Previous Day of Messages | Press P to go to the previous day of messages (Tuesday to Monday)

Quick Compose | Press C from the messages screen to compose a new message

Quick Reply | Press R when highlighting a message.

Quick Forward | Press F while highlighting a message

Numbers Lock | Press ALT, then LEFT CAPS

CAPS Lock | Press ALT, then RIGHT CAPS

Quick Reboot | Instead of Pulling the battery out, Press and hold ALT, Right CAPS & DEL.

Mark All Messages Open & Delete Prior | Go into Messages and go to the Top. Press Menu and you can “Mark Prior Opened” or “Delete Prior”.

Turn off your Device Radio (Airplane Mode). You can turn off all Connections, or be selective from your network, bluetooth or WiFi.


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