Optimize Your Battery Life

Although our beloved BlackBerry’s usually have great battery life, there are a select few of us who feel the need to squeeze every last ounce of juice from our devices. So, this guide is here to help you. There are some options which come pretty obvious, but others you just may not know.

1) If you aren’t using your Bluetooth or WiFi, simply turn them off. You can find them under “Manage Connections”


2) Go to Options>Screen/Keyboard and set the Backlight Brightness to 50 (Trust me, you won’t even notice after a day).


3) Make sure you properly close applications your not using by selecting Menu>Exit. There are six core applications that are always running. Any third-party BlackBerry applications that stay running dips into your battery life.


4) I know we all wish we could use our BlackBerry while we slept, but we can’t. So if your away from a charger, you can set up when your device is actuall “ON”. Go to Options>Auto On/Off, and you can decide the “working hours” of your BB on Weekdays and Weekends.


5) Keeping your BlackBerry in it’s case when your not using it puts it into idle. This saves the screen from coming on if you press a button while it’s in your pocket. You can also set specific “in holster” alerts.


And let me know if you come up wth any tips by leaving a coment below.


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