Get your Browser and MMS Working on T-Mobile

The process listed below was originally created by member ptaylor. Anyone else claiming that they came up with process is taking credit for something they didn’t do. Anywho, follow the directions below to get your MMS and Browser working on T-Mobile & AT&T.

**If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or e-mail us admin at blackberrygrounds dot com**

1) You will need the following items.

2) After you have downloaded both items, unzip and install CrackUtil.

3) Connect your BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Tour, or Storm2 to your computer

4) Open CrackUtil and click the Intermediate Tab

5) Click “Retrieve File Listing” Let the list populate and your looking for”net_rim_bb_browser_daemon.

a) Highlight the file

b) Click Remove File from Device

6) After the file is removed, the device will automatically reset and CrackUtil will throw a popup that says “Grid Index out of Range.” Ignore this messange and let your BB reset.

7) Now it’s time to unzip the file. | Save the File to your Desktop

8) Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager | Click on Backup and Restore | Advanced | Open

9) Find the .ipd file on your desktop and click Open.  | Highlight the Service Books and Click the Right Facing Arrow.

10) After the service books load onto the device, close BlackBerry Desktop Manager and reopen CrackUtil.

11) Go to the Intermediate Tab:

a) Click Retrieve File Listing

b) Click Load File onto device, a window will open with the location of the net_rim_bb_browser_daemon file and click open.

12) The BlackBerry will reset once again. | Close CrackUtil. | Log onto your BIS, click service books and then resend service books.

13) Now you have a fully functioning BlackBerry on T-Mobile!

**If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below or e-mail us admin at blackberrygrounds dot com**


30 thoughts on “Get your Browser and MMS Working on T-Mobile

  1. Hi

    Thanks for your comprehensive instructions. My question will this process work on BB7290 unlocked and currently on TMobile. I do not have a browser Icon. I am running a voice plan only.

    Thanks agaiin for your help.

    • @Arnie, Welcome! They are there to help. About your issue, since you have a voice only plan, there is no way for the BlackBerry to access the internet. They need a data plan to work properly. The only option that MAY work is if you add the t-zones plan and install a non-BB browser like Opera or Bolt.

  2. hi i have the bb storm 9530 unlocked on tmob network, my sms and mms work but my browser is very slow and my status on my bis says not connected most of the time how can i fix this ……………. thnx

  3. Please i dont have a browser icon on my bb storm 9530 and im presently in nigeria and want to use another carriers internet plan,but they said verizon need to block my esn first.please how can u help me,cuz verizon refused

    • @Jdpain, the ESN on your Storm doesn’t need to be blocked. Is the Storm you are using unlocked? Go to Options>Advanced Options>SIM Card. Click Menu and “Show Keyboard”. Type mepd and mep2. If network is disabled, you have an unlocked device. If it says enabled, your device is locked and you need an unlock code. Let me know and we can investigate further. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Would the above work for an unlocked BB Tour, being used on t-mobile? Purchased unlocked phone, able to make calls & sms but cannot send or receive mms. The data plan I have allowed me to send mms on other phone. Even after doing the above, would I need to get internet plan in order to have mms work? When I switch SIM card to old phone I am able to use mms with no problem. BB tour simply does not allow me to use MMS, this error message is what I get ‘No MMS Service Record found. Only be able to save a draft’…any advice? I’m not trying to have a internet browser on BB, I simply want to be able to use the mms function. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much this worked perfect I have a bb tour 9630 on tmobile i had tried everything to get the browser to work this really worked thank you.

  6. have a bold 9000 thats at&t branded and its unlocked, have loaded the service books and everything is up and running, i didnt use this site, but had the directions from a different forum, but it does work.

    can even stream pandora, i use the newest opera mini beta, it even has tabbed browsing, i use gmail app for my email.

    i do not have a BB data plan, but i have t zones from a long time ago and it still works, beats the 25$ a month data plan!

    sadly im not able to use bb messenger, or bbs browser and email push, but i have everything to get “around” that with the apps above.

    good write up, it is spot on.

  7. I did everything to allow my Blackberry tour to send and receive mms but after about a day it stops working and wont send or receive any mms. I’ve redone this method 3 times and it still does the same thing. I have done the battery method and still won’t work. Im lost on what to do and guess it doesn’t bother me that much seeing I do not send out alot of pics. Just would be nice to every once in a while when I need to.

    • @Dane, can you tell me what it’s doing? Are you getting a red X next to the status of the message, or will it not let you even have the Send As MMS option?

  8. Hey there, i believe that this works, but the thing is that when I open my Blackberry Desktop Manager, it only shows the Synchronize Certificates option, it does not have anything else, Back Up and Restore tab is not there, Why is this? i reinstalled but same thing happens 😦 please help

    • Never mind, i fixed the problem, now the thing is that I dont have Internet Service, i dont have a data plan to resend the Service Books, but do you think If i go to a Wifi Hotspot I can send the Service books? thing is that I want to set it up since Im going to send this phone to Nicaragua and i do not know if this BB storm 2 will need some set up over there :/

  9. i have a bb curve 8590 from tmobile that i unlocked for att, i cant send mms or get on the internet, with wifi i can but my main issue is that i want to send mms, how can i get mms to work? in my previous att phone mms worked, so what do i do? when i try to send an mms it says “no mms service record” help pleeeasee

    • There are two ways. 1) On your BlackBerry, go to Options>Advanced Options >Host Routing Table. Hit Menu and Select “Register Now”. 2) Log into Make sure you have your device selected as an 8520, and then select manage email. It should take you to your BIS and click the option that says resend service books.
      If either of those don’t work, you may have to call customer care so they can provision your account.

    • Ok. A couple questions. What is your computer OS? 32 or 64 bit? Have you reset your computer and tried again? And is there a password on your BB?

      • I tried on Windows 7, 64 bit and windows vista 32 bit; and still says access denied.
        Yes, I’ve reset puter, and still the same.
        No password on my bb


  10. okk so ii have a unlocked bbstorm im using with simple mobile
    my picture messaging is not working at all
    please help!!

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