Quick Poll: Would you like the ringtones back?

After some issues with my current host, I decided to go back to a non-hosted solution for the time being. With that said, there are a couple things that I cannot host without paying for it. So, I leave it to you: Would you like the ringtones back?


BlackBerry Bold 9700: The First 24

Well, one of the most anticipated BlackBerries has been released and it has been 24 hours since my purchase. Here are my initial reactions:

  • The new Trackpad is AMAZING!! RIM should have thought of this a long time ago.
  • Battery life is really good! Been on it all day with UberTwitter, Bluetooth, Text and E-Mail. Still at 60%
  • Although having the same clock speed as it’s predecessor, the Bold2 is fast and very responsive.
  • Some apps are having trouble connecting or even opening at all. Most likely due to OS 5.0
  • Haven’t been able to test 3G because of the area I live in is right on the fringe. Will report back when I have more info.

Let me know your initial reaction as well in the comments below.